Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some More Ecumenical Thoughts about Fr. Cutié

My friend, Clayton, who blogs at the endlessly useful Weight of Glory (and who, by the way, has gotten into the habit of being right), sent a link to a piece in a Miami concern, regarding the ecumenical ramifications of Fr. Cutié's apostasy.

Here is a snippet:

Even Episcopalians say [the Archbishop of Miami, John C.] Favalora has a point. Bishop Christopher Epting, the Episcopal Church's point man for interfaith affairs, said Friday, "There's no written rule, but it's certainly been the informal understanding between all our ecumenical partners that it's not something one seeks headlines about. It doesn't help us ecumenically."

There's a delicate diplomacy to conversions, with long-established protocols to ensure that interfaith bridges that take decades to build are not burned in a single afternoon. Epting said the Episcopal Church's ecumenical office, which is usually consulted on all conversions, was not informed about the ceremony ahead of time.

"I wish we had been consulted," Epting said. "We will be pursuing this."
I seriously want to know why we are making the possibly tens of thousands of Anglican communicants who would, with their bishops, swim the Tiber in a heartbeat waiting at river's edge out of concern for Ecumenical sensibilities, especially after a stunt like this.

In any case, how is refusing to welcome people into full communion with the One True Church of Jesus Christ 'anti-ecumenical'?

In closing, we cannot forget that the soul of a man and a priest of Jesus Christ is in mortal peril. Please, pray and do works of mercy for his conversion.

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Clayton said...

The habit of being right? Maybe in the sense of a stopped clock, which, as the story goes, is habitually right -- twice every day, in fact.