Friday, May 29, 2009

Brief Update

Folks, I have to beg you to forebear - I know I have promised people considerations on any number of things. They will come, one way or another. Sotomayor is not going to be confirmed this weekend, nor is the nominee for the Holy See Ambassador.

In case you missed it, Sandro Magister has an interesting take on Obama and ND and the future here.

Also, while we're at it, is anybody else wondering what the folks at Christian Unity have to say about this (thanks for the "heads up!" Clayton)?


Clayton said...

Not exactly consonant with the celebration of Pentecost, is it?

Lazy Disciple said...


Clayton said...

Here's the reaction of the Episcopal Church's point person for ecumenical relations:

Moreover, Favalora said his archdiocese "has never made a public display when, for doctrinal reasons, Episcopal priests have joined the Catholic Church and sought ordination ... I regret that Bishop Frade has not afforded me or the Catholic community the same courtesy and respect."

Even Episcopalians say Favalora has a point. Bishop Christopher Epting, the Episcopal Church's point man for interfaith affairs, said Friday, "There's no written rule, but it's certainly been the informal understanding between all our ecumenical partners that it's not something one seeks headlines about. It doesn't help us ecumenically."

There's a delicate diplomacy to conversions, with long-established protocols to ensure that interfaith bridges that take decades to build are not burned in a single afternoon. Epting said the Episcopal Church's ecumenical office, which is usually consulted on all conversions, was not informed about the ceremony ahead of time.

"I wish we had been consulted," Epting said. "We will be pursuing this."

Frade could not be immediately reached for comment on Friday. On Thursday, he said, "The only thing we can say is that we pray for ecumenical relations ... I am sorry they are sorry, and we love them," according to the Miami Herald. (source)

Lazy Disciple said...

Thanks for this, Clayton. I think I'm going to pull it up into the blog body, as a matter of fact.

Are you packed?


Clayton said...

Nope. Still have 36 hours before boarding. Which means I'll be packed in about 34 hours.

Clayton said...

From today's Miami Herald:

The Episcopal church approves the use of contraception within marital relationships and ordains women, for example, unlike the Catholic church. The Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire also has an openly gay, non-celibate bishop -- a close friend of Frade's who visited South Florida in the winter. In addition, Episcopalians do not see the pope as their leader.

And Episcopal priests can marry. Cutié has said he will marry his girlfriend in an act that was forbidden to him as a Catholic priest.

''We don't want [Cutié] to be a Roman Catholic priest who is just with us. We want him to be an Anglican priest who is married. You really need to know the way we think,'' said Frade, who said Cutié first approached him two years ago with questions about the church. ``I think that's what led him to the church -- that he feels more like us. He's a very smart person who uses his brain.''
More great ecumenical insights, on the eve of Pentecost.

And it sounds like they will settle for him marrying a woman. But then how will he minister to the gay community in Miami? How will he know the way gays think?

Lazy Disciple said...


I pulled the piece to which you linked, and fixed the link to your blog.