Sunday, May 17, 2009

Call for Clarity and Action

Over the past two days, as the coverage of President Obama's appearance at Notre Dame began to pick up speed in the MSM, I noticed the return of an extremely disturbing trend: the tendency of MSM news writers to make blanket statements to the effect that the Catholic Church is against stem cell research, sic et simpliciter. This is not true. The Catholic Church is a strong supporter of every kind of stem cell research that does not involve the deliberate destruction of a human embryo. If you are reading this blog, you probably know this already, but it cannot hurt to repeat it once again: The Catholic Church is against EMBRYONIC stem cell research. If you see this error, please, write to the outlet and point it out. Be brief and document yourself.

This kind of misrepresentation is a disservice to the national discourse.



Clayton said...

The MSM may have gotten the idea from watching Angels and Demons. Seriously.

Amy Welborn reports the following scene: I never knew that protesters had a habit of getting into fistfights about stem-cell research while waiting for white smoke in St. Peter's Square.

Lazy Disciple said...

Dear Clayton,

I know, and the thought is terrifying to me.

Journalists (I hate the "J" word, by the way) ought to hold themselves to slightly higher standards than dime fiction scribblers, though.

We really cannot let that sort of stuff slide, when we see it.

So many people out there do not hate the Church or disagree with Her positions, but rather hate a distorted image of Her and disagree with systematically falsified representations of Her positions on so many issues. This is dangerous for the republic and poison for souls.