Friday, May 01, 2009

Seven Quick Paschal Takes

The Puella's Friday 7 are up.

Here is a sampling:

4. It’s May. Already. HELP.

Here’s a serious prayer request for you guys - I need to graduate. I really really do, for various different reasons (one of which being that I have no money left). So please, please please pray for me, that I can a) manage my time effiectively to make room for studying every day, b) give thanks to God that I have a brain that can do postgraduate work in the first place, and c) that I won’t fall into my mini-version of despair.

It’s tough. I don’t get the funding Dutch-born students do, so I take on more paid work. Because I’m somewhat smart (in Dutch this is enigzins slim which I think is a brilliant phrase) I can get higher-paid work, but it’s exhausting and when I get home it’s all I can do not to flop out on the sofa after dinner and watch tv til bedtime.

So please pray for me. I’ve no idea who would be some good Saints for this - but I think the blogosphere probably knows this better than I do.

All this hassle for two more letters after my name!

So, say a prayer for her right now, perhaps to St. Thomas Aquinas, Patron of students?

Then, go see them all by clicking here and spiking her stats.

You will be entertained and edified.

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