Friday, May 15, 2009

The Lazy Disciple Gets a Makeover

I'd really appreciate feedback on these changes from any and all readers. I'd prefer comments in the combox to this post, but I will not spurn e-mails sent to:

Oh, on that note: I am going to be publishing the e-mail protocol in the sidebar. The short of it is that, if you send it, I can publish it. This does not mean that I will publish something you ask not to be. I will consider motivated requests for anonymity. If things keep gaining pace as they have been in the past 2 weeks or so (I know, no guarantee, there), I am going to consider starting a semi-regular "mailbag" sampling. If you send in something for mailbag consideration, just say so in the subject field. The mailbag rule will be anonymity, unless you explicitly and specifically request identification.

Basically, it's just me here, so the dictates of common sense and common decency have a fighting chance (I know, I know, I heard you - alright already).

There will be some other, minor changes throughout the day, evening, and into the weekend. Keep checking, and please do let me know.

Remember, I am here to keep you, er, happy.



Clayton said...

Overall, I like the new look.

The font size on the title of your blog could be reduced a bit. Unless it's shock value you're going for. :)

Lazy Disciple said...

Me sensationalize? You must be joking. :-)

Thanks for the tips.

I tried to keep the old scroll template, but just couldn't make it work.