Friday, January 08, 2010

True science

I'm leaving town for a couple of days, and don't want to do it without dropping a thought or two.

I'd like to say that my vocation in life was the pursuit of science, not in the vulgar sense on which we divide ourselves, but in the original meaning of the word that was proper of classical, Platonic and Aristotelian, philosophy:

a reflection on human intercourse capable of finding what makes people converge in a shared judgment on the order of things, of which men partake by living in society.

(Notice, with the LD, that I am not talking of shared "values", but of a shared understanding of what makes life what it is: not "values", but sheer intelligence.)

Intelligence is not partisan. So, I strived to be what POTUS promised he would be when elected. And, from what I hear, he failed to maintain.

I try to be non partisan in what I write here: to the point I even avoid words like liberal or conservative, for fear to be too quickly identified one way or another. I could say, though, that I do like to define myself as conservative: it means recognition of having received a worthy inheritance, and readiness to make it grow while passing it on. Of course I know that there are many who don't think the same of that inheritance, who therefore will oppose themselves to me. And I also know that they often call themselves liberal.

To them I say: let's reason about it. Recognize that there is a problem, not mine or yours, but in the relation between us.

To be conservative doesn't mean to let oneself to be swallowed into partisan opposition, but to try to raise above it.

This means to achieve science, in the footsteps of those who have shown an understanding of what undermines human intercourse. Because they know the grace that makes it possible.

Partisanship, on the contrary, makes us opinionated, alien to any true science.

This is the true crisis that is plaguing America as well as Europe.


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