Thursday, January 28, 2010


During the day I spend my time thinking on the greatest systems, politics and religion, this and the other world so to speak. But when it comes the evening, I like to relax in front of TV, not with realities or talk shows, so false in their wanting to be real, but with a TV series or a movie, so much more true by their being fiction.

I often fail to find any I like in the major channels, so I turn to the lesser ones… where I usually find an old Hollywood movie.

And this does it.

There was a magic in old Hollywood, which would deserve not to be just enjoyed, but also understood in what makes it so enjoyable.

Without the usual superciliousness of intellectuals.

For a couple of days in a raw, I run into a musical with Fred Astaire, and when I watch him dancing, with Ginger Rogers or his other partners, I know what it is.


Interesting word grace: it unites this world and the other.

Grace means a special kind of beauty, that communicates a sense of lightness and freedom; therefore grace is also the name for God's action in us.

It is the only experience to which I can appeal with people who declare themselves atheist. It's a pity that they most often refuse to recognize it. So when they make films (or write novels), they make them heavy and depressing. While the movies I am talking about are elating.

I don't need to add more for now.




Angelo Jr said...

Interesting post Chris. Lately , around a year or so ago, i've started to not believe in God anymore. I realize that people are weak and helpess sometimes , so they ask for help from someone better than them and not vizible if posible, so they made up God. As you can see "God" itself exists in a lot of forms like Allah , Buddah and lots of ancient and current Gods like Shiva, Poseidon, Zeus, Thor alongside them joins the Gods of people that lives in the forests in tribes. I'm starting to think that the man-kind is not the only "kind" in this infinite universe. I have lots of questions but very few answers. I feel no difference when going to church or not, excepet for the fact that i want it to end fast. I'm not somehow "complaining" about it, its just, the uncertainty that comes along. What do you think about reincarnation and the possibility of God being just an illusion, a lie made by people who are too afraid of facing their faith and mistakes? I would like to talk with you about this if its possible.

Angelo Jr said...

My bad, I just saw that its not Chris who posted that :)
I hope he will read it though :P

Angelo Jr

Lazy Disciple said...

Dear Angelo Jr,

Thanks very much for visiting, and commenting. I like to be known on the blog by my pseudonym, LD - to keep my worlds separate, if you will.

You ask some important questions, to which I will be responding very soon in a new post.


Humbly Presumptuous said...

Dear Angelo,
I'm glad you liked this post. I'll let the LD reply in more details. Let me just add one thing. We fail to perceive God in our lives when we think of ourselves as man in the abstract. It's different when we think of ourselves in concrete, and aknowledge the grace by which we have been actually blessed. Somebody else gave so much of him and herself to make us grow in good physical and mental helth. And there are friends and lovers, who grant us some of their lives. And here I must make a jump: there is One who didn't grant us some, but his whole life. And before his grace, we can't but give grace in return. This is what mass is about.
This is life.