Friday, January 15, 2010

Pray for Haiti

Pray, and give.

Catholic organizations were on the ground already and may be better placed most quickly to reach the most needy. The destruction, however, is so vast and so absolute that it is difficult to know where to start - and many of the people who were there to help are now themselves in need of succor.

America is the most successful society in history, by whatever measure: the help we owe our distressed neighbors is not principally a matter of charity - it is one of duty.




Anonymous said...

Hi Chris:

What do you think of this article:


Angelo Jr said...

Indeed, all nations should help the needy people from Haiti, not thinking of making a charity case , but the duty of heling the guy next to you. We are all the same at the end of the day and I can only imagine how hard is for a child to wake up from somthing that seemed like the worst nightmare but realize that its actually real.I hope that their pain will be mended by good people who are willing to sacrifice resources and time to help them.

Lazy Disciple said...

That sounds about right, Angelo Jr.

Glad to see you around the blog again.

Keep an eye out in the next day or two for some posts I think you will find very interesting.