Thursday, January 07, 2010

Not Exactly Random Observations...

In no particular order:

  • There is a tendency to reduce traditional social mores Christian "values" and make the basic mode of Christian presence in society that of "prophetic witness" to "authentic values" or some such: this is dangerous. There are things we believe because the Church tells us they are true, and there are certain other things the Church tells us to believe because reason tells us they are true. Most social mores fall into the second class.
  • Civilization depends on critical, prudential thinking more than on anything else. Any barbarian can use technology, just fine.
  • Faith, hope and charity inform and perfect prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance; it is dangerous error to think the former replace the latter. The theological virtues cannot do the work of the cardinal virtues, while all true excellence praises God.
  • While I prefer the liturgy said according to the 1962 books, and am quite convinced of the greater theological precision and spititual superiority of the '62 Missal and various pre-Vatican II Rituals, what I really care about is that Fr. read all, exactly and only what the black parts say, and do all, only and exactly what the red parts say to do, when they say to do them. As my friend, Fr. Zuhlsdorf never tires of repeating: "Say the Black, Do the Red."
  • More on the last point later...

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