Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's in a Name?

Did you folks think I called this blog "The Lazy Disciple" to be cutesy?

Seriously, the past week has been ferocious,a nd the week in course will only get more hectic.

I am going to be posting on a few different things during the day today, however:

  1. Two more raised bills in Ct. dealing with marriage and euthanasia;
  2. A brief reflection on PBXVI's Voyage to Africa;
  3. A reflection on a topic about which I have taken some heat in some circles

So, keep checking in, and again, thanks for the patience.


LD broke the 1'000-hit mark sometime late last week. That's 1'000 unique hits since I installed the counter in late January (I think). Thanks to everyone who comes by.

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