Sunday, March 01, 2009

RIP Paul Harvey 1918-2009

The great radio legend, Paul Harvey has gone to his reward. For 5 generations of American radio listeners, Paul Harvey's ability to see the perfect reflected in the good, and love it with us, to talk good moral sense without moralizing, and to tell it like it is in a way that always raised and cheered us (to borrow Emerson's depiction of the action of the hero) was something to which we looked forward as to the much-needed reminder that it brought every time: life is rarely easy, and often seems wrong, but it is always good - and you know it deep down, and can even see it if you can see through to its end.

Now he has the rest of the story.

Paul Harvey loved his late wife, Lynne, and their son, Paul jr., by whom he is survived. They reciprocated his devotion.

He was the kind of radio broadcaster I would like to be.

Rest In Peace, Paul Harvey.

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