Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Roundup

I have been listening to a series of lectures and discussions given at the Act One Storytelling Symposium, which I found via The Weight of Glory. Among the participants are Peter Kreeft and Bobette Buster. Good food for thought, and available for free download.

The Mulier Fortis is musing about things Lenten and fishy. She also links to Fr. Longenecker, who has his own considerations on the Friday abstinence. The Mulier does not mention it, and Fr. Longenecker gets to it after listing three or four other reasons for the Friday abstinence, but he does get there - I mean to what has always seemed to me to be the primary reason for the Friday abstinence - the official, corporate penance of the whole Church, a sacrifice offered in reparation for the world's sin. Go read their excellent blogs, and their posts about fasting and abstinence, in which they both offer some helpful reminders.

We'll be monitoring the Ct. 1098/2009 anti-Catholic power grab. Check that post and the Bridgeport Diocese website for updates throughout the day and the week. Go there now, as a matter of fact, and see video of Bishop Lori discussing the bill with some of the faithful. There is also an updated list of J.-Com. members' contact info., and a letter from the Bridgeport Diocese's legal counsel to the J.-Com. There are also Spanish-language versions of the texts. If this bill gets out of committee, I'll eat my hat. If it passes, the bishop ought to anathematize any Catholic who attempts to form a diocesan or parish corporation.


Clayton said...

Thanks for the mention. The best link for the Story Symposium podcasts is:

Lazy Disciple said...

Thanks, Clayton. I fixed the link.