Sunday, July 05, 2009

What happened to the DPMs?

I just heard about Sarah Palin's resignation. I don't know what it means. I like her, so much the more conisdering the character assassination she had to undergo by the same press that let Obama go with everything, from association with an ex terrorist and a dubious Chicago landlord (if I remember correctly), to the contempt toward Americans attached to their religion... and to their rifle.

I know that Palin was very popular among the staunch republican voters. And I also know that they are mainly protestants. While Catholics traditionally are more on the deocratic side.

But what happned to the Daniel Patrick Moynahans?

Nowdays they seem to have left the ground to the Nancy Pelosis. Whom I wouldn't dare to define Catholic. At best we could say she was born in a Catholic family.

Now I ask a question that would horrify certified Catholics as my lazy joung friend's father: isn't it time for Catholic would be politicians to discover the republican party, and the well meaning protestant electorate Palin knows how to address?

In any case, with her we shouldn't have waited to bang the haed against reality before taking a more prudent attitude in international affairs.

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