Monday, July 13, 2009

A little morning thought

A little moning thought: the sun shines, birds twitter, and the whole world calls for giving grace.

I am reading a book on a current in Buddhism, dedicated to the worship of the Buddha Amitabha, lord of a "paradise of the West", full of everything beautifull we can imagine, where all his devotees are reborn in flower of lotus, not to do anything but dance and play in the light he sheds, and listesn to his teaching.

There is only one funny thing: in rebirth, there are no women. Which sounds like: evryone is reborn male, in the sense, I imagine, of man turned into a sort of androginous.

No sex, a little like in our contemporary society, when they tell us that all is indifferent sex.

The sun shines, birds twitter, and my wife is at the telephone tolking with her doughter.

What would I have to give grace for, If she weren't there?

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