Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shouldn't a wise man be capable of forbearance

A question to LD:

Isn't it possible that Prof. Gates is a bit paranoic?

I mean:

given his age, he belongs to a generation that has known a much more racist America;

given what he teaches, he is one who has made a job out of keeping memory of that America.

Yes, police officers can be very arrogant, enough to make even angels loose their temper.

But, isn't it precisely this what we are taught to do since we were babies: to keep under control our fits of anger?

A mature man, and, on the top of it, a doctor and professor, shouldn't be wise enough to exercise forbearance?

Readiness to take offence can make me suspect to be in the presence of a biased personality.

Yes, if police officers can make even angels loose their temper, how much more non-angels: like human beings tending to paranoia?

All the above is just a question from someone who used to take fire like nothing.

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