Sunday, February 08, 2009

What Office Supply Are You?

I am a calculator, apparently, which comes with the following description:

No matter what someone tells you, you're likely to focus on facts and data.

You're a highly analytic person. You are only concerned with what you can know for sure.

You look at situations objectively, and you have no problem approaching problems from multiple angles.

You would make a good analyst or investment banker. You are confident enough to make tough calls and hard decisions.
I think they are working on a mathematical model of rationality: the quintessentially modern understanding of ratio as essentially ratiocinatio. Don't forget your Hobbes, people: he is everywhere, I say! Everywhere!

So, which are you?

You all should know that I found this at the Mulier Fortis. Want to know what office supply she is? Well, click here to find out.


Clayton said...

Pretty accurate assessment, I think. I'm a whiteboard.

Lazy Disciple said...