Sunday, February 08, 2009

Speaker Pelosi, answer these questions:

Hat tip to Clayton at The Weight of Glory!

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

I understand that you recently argued in favor of funding several now-aborted contraception initiatives in the stimulus package, on a nationally-broadcast political analysis program.

At the time, you argued for keeping the contraception funding in the stimulus package because it would help, "reduce cost[s]."

Now, Mm. Speaker, the funding was to go to those who receive public health benefits, i.e., the most needy people in our nation.

I am pointing this out, Speaker Pelosi, because, you see, when I reflect that you are the mother of five children yourself, I wonder whether you consider them as things to discard as too costly under certain circumstances, or things you might have foregone if times had been rough or circumstances less prosperous for you?

Speaker Pelosi, answer this question: how is the Democratic Party true to its ethos and historical role as the working man's party in America, if the policies it propounds treat the families of the country's working poor as unworthy of expansion?

Speaker Pelosi, answer this question: are children luxury goods, the privilege of the wealthy?

Speaker Pelosi, answer this question: are children the playthings of the privileged, to be avoided or discarded if they become a burden on the state?

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