Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lenten reflections: choler

Update - Thanks to Patricius for reminding me that English words often do not end in vowels. Imagine the fun: "the effect of choler(a) on my soul.

I have decided that the spiritual barometer for me this Lent has to involve choler. I have too much of it, and I enjoy it too much.

There will be injustices, stupidities, inefficiencies, insufficiencies, and things of all kinds that just rub me the wrong way, until the coming of Our Lord in glory.

Choler is a cheap substitute for righteous indignation, and long exposure to it destroys the soul's capacity for joy.

I am becoming more sensitive to the effects of choler on my soul, as I improve and expand my ability to check my choleric expressions.


Patricius said...

Shouldn't this be "choler"? Cholera could be fatal. On second thoughts...choler unchecked might have fatal consequences!

Lazy Disciple said...

By George, I think you're right.

Lazy Disciple said...

The disease gets its name from choler, which is bile. In Italian, the difference between the fluid and the disease is an accent on the "e". This explains why I left the "a" on the English word.