Friday, November 07, 2008

Something Truly Appalling

The news from Fr. Zuhlsdorf is that the screen grab he posted Wednesday pictures DC university students "celebrating" outside the White House in the presence, it seems, of a Soviet flag.

This is the sort of cognitive dissonance that one sees in Europe all the time. I remember the shock I felt when I saw my first May Day concert up close: the Stars and Stripes mutilated so that it was the Swastikas and Stripes, or Old Glory sullied by the European symbol for the toilet (WC) in the field; young men and women clad in army fatigues, Che t-shirts and Khefias, waving the rainbow flag of peace; sometimes, this last would be flying next to a red flag with the hammer and sickle blazon.

I promise it is so jarring as to make one nauseated. I knew then, however, that most European secular "education" is really no education at all, but indoctrination, preparation for slavery. I already knew that students here are systematically rendered incapable of critical and creative thought. As regards the moral sense, the class struggle blunts it to the point of uselessness. I knew all this about European students.

The idea that someone, anyone, could so much as think of carrying such a flag to a street march in the United States, is frankly outrageous. To think that these were university students is chilling. I hope president-elect Obama makes it clear he can do without such 'support'.

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