Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Lazy Disciple on Barack Obama's Election

President-elect Barack Obama has achieved something truly historic. He is the first black president of the United States; he is the son of an immigrant. There is much that is American in his story.

I congratulate President-elect Obama, and offer prayerful best wishes to him and his family.

He is my president, and the president of all Americans.

This is the world's greatest honor and the world's greatest responsibility.

The President of the United States needs the prayers of all men and women of good will, and he shall have mine.

He shall also have my critical attention: free citizens do their country a disservice when they fail to scrutinize their leaders, as when they fail to voice their criticism of and opposition to measures that, in their estimation, are not the right ones.

He shall certainly have my opposition to every measure he proposes and/or supports that is inimical to life and violent of the dignity that inheres in every human being by and through and from conception.

Such is my understanding of the duty owed by the good and conscientious citizen to this and every president, and to the country.

The President-elect asks for a renewed spirit of patriotism, and I join him in this call: let us do our duty.


Paul S. said...

Could this be the same Chris Altieri whose voice I hear in the Vatican news podcast which is on my ipod? I was suprised to see that name in the list of comments on Fr. Z's blog. Cheers from New York. nice blog.

Lazy Disciple said...

Dear Paul S. Thanks for the appreciation. I am just getting started, really, and have roughly everything still to learn about blogging. The voice on your i-pod is mine, yes, though I am at pains to keep my worlds separate. The blog is entirely a creature of my invention, the responsibility for which is mine alone. Thanks again, and please keep visiting.