Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have been engaged...

in a discussion at the Kresta in the Afternoon blog.

You may find my exchange with Nick (I believe this is Nick Thom, the executive producer of the Kresta in the Afternoon program).

Let me say that I am one of the Kresta program's avid, daily listeners.

The whole operation does a terrific job of presenting and analyzing the thorniest issues in a spirit of faithful fairness that is in the very best tradition of Catholic communications specifically and radio journalism, generally.

To read the discussion, click here.



Clayton said...

ad hominems are to comment boxes as dandelions to a spring lawn, but is the rare soul that pulls them up with such patience and precision.

Lazy Disciple said...

You are too kind, sir.

I am a little surprised Nick left it there - though he would have been getting close to air time.

Also, Al is on vacation: I perfectly understand not getting too committed (or uncommitted) when the boss is away.

Finally, I must say that this was my first time posting at their blog, and Bill Donohue is a friend of the Kresta program. If I heard a total stranger saying unflattering things about a friend of mine, I hope I would defend my friend instinctively and with great vigor - even as I am aware of how such circumstances increase the risk of misconstruction.