Sunday, June 21, 2009

Conspiracy theory

I'd like to be fair to Mr President, not to come out strong with my biases.

Half seriously, my wife presented me with an hypothesis concerning the upheaval in Iran which makes the President appear less clumsily groping, becoming all the more serious as she went on elaborating it.

Call it a "conspiracy theory".

Put yourself in the Iranian tyrants' mind. They are paranoic, and denounce foreign intervention: obviously from the US. From the US side, of course, it's all a denial. This does not mean that they aren't, in their paranoia, right .

In 1860, my wife recalls, Giuseppe Garibaldi sailed with thousand men to conquer Sicily and Naples for the northern kingdom of Piedmont, then to become the kingdom of Italy. The official version, supported by the press, was that it was all a spontaneous action from a few patriots. It has been documented later that the Piedmont government armed and financed them.

Why not to think something of the kind has been taking place? That there have been American agents encouraging Iranian opposition? she says, growing more and more headstrong about it. Not just all official American sources, but also the press favorable to it will have to deny it.

"A pensar male si fa peccato ma si azzecca", says an Italian proverb. Which could be roughly translated as, to be prone to see evil is a sin but hits the point.

It's the same if, as in this case, I wouldn't see evil in it, but intelligent support to good.

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