Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rainy, Drizzly

This third Sunday of Easter is rainy and drizzly, with intermittent sunshine. I am not generally meteopathic, but on this day, I cannot seem to get moving. That is fine and good, though, since I do not have anything particularly pressing, and anyway, it is Sunday.

I have always thought, and generally, my experience has confirmed, that boredom is one of sin's most insidious effects. When I am bored, I can usually find some failure in charity or fellowship at the bottom of it.

This Sunday's readings are a warning and a happy reminder: when we are not mindful that our every sin sends Christ to the Cross, we make it all too easy on our tempters.

We have an Advocate.

He will not hide the light of His countenance from those, who are blithe to go to Him.

So go to Him.

Go to Him.

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