Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CNA: New Homeland Security Report says some Abortion Opponents a Threat to Security on par with White Supremacists

The CNA story may be found here.

There is, as usual, discussion underway at Fr. Zuhlsdorf's place.

If CNA's treatment of the report accurately and fairly represents the tone and structure of the report, then there is some cause for alarm.

Radical abortion opponents are not generally the moral equivalent of white supremacists, though some of the Homeland doc's langtuage, as reported, would tend toward such an equivalence.

That said, there may be something to the report's substantial claim.

Recent political developments, coupled with present economic circumstances may, in concert with other factors, contribute to radicalization and recruitment into several different kinds of potentially violent organizations with more or less clearly criminal modus operandi.

The grain of truth would make the fuzzy tendency toward false moral equivalency more, rather than less dangerous.

Catholic Bishops, please remember that if you exclude yourselves from the political process, as distasteful, unglamorous and emotionally unsatisfying as it often is, all the faithful will be deprived of a powerful tool in the effort to save innocent life.

Faithful, remember that we are under a Petrine disciplinary prohibition from engaging in violence against abortion providers and those who work for them.

I am pointing this out, not because I think the readership of this blog needs to hear it, but because we may all find ourselves in need of offering others this reminder.

In the meantime, let us all comport ourselves in such a way that they will say of us, "Surely these are the salvation of the Republic," and ask, "what is it that makes them so?"

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