Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I thought you all should know that Joseph had a very good day at school today, and is anxious to hear ""Wagon Wheel" by OCMS. A little later, I'll have a few things to say about their song, "We're All in this Together."


APERITUS said...

Apropos to this post, I report that Carol Shea Porter has unseated Jeb Bradley in the First Congressional District of New Hampshire. Ms Porter believes "that we have a right to make our own medical decisions. Women have a right to make their own reproductive decisions, and families have a right to make end of life decisions."

Chris Altieri said...

Ms. Porter is correct as to assertion 1. She is qualifiedly correct as to assertion 2 (i.e. women have a right to choose abstinence, thereby drastically reducing the likelihood of their conceiving children. She is also qualifiedly correct in regard to her third assertion. I could, in a theatre of war, choose to throw my body on a hand grenade. Decisions to pull the plug on grandpa are not reasonably protected by law and an individual's decision to end his own life is cowardly, regardless of how understandable his desire to die might be in light of actual or inevitable suffering, and has no claim to the protection of laws made to govern a free people.