Friday, March 11, 2011

Holy Martyrs of Baghdad: a Lenten initiative

Below, please find the English text of a letter explaining a special Lenten initiative.

Dear Brothers and Sisters
in Christ,

This Lenten season, please consider a private devotion in the form of (at least) one decade of the Rosary
to be said each Friday, with the following intention: the official juridical recognition of the Holy Martyrs of Baghdad.

The suffering of Christians all across the Mideast region is very real, and truly terrible.

It is worthy, therefore, that we ask Almighty God to move His Church to recognize the victims of the Oct. 31st massacre in Baghdad's cathedral Church of Our Lady of Salvation, as true Christian martyrs, slain in hatred of the faith.

Please also consider, as part of this devotion, a prayer: for the conversion of all those who are now enemies of Christ and His Holy Church
; that through their conversion, they obtain pardon; that by pardon, there be reconciliation, and in reconciliation, peace.

As this is a "grass roots" initiative, please help spread the word: especially by way of the new communications media, to prudent use of which our
Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has called us in the service of the Gospel.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

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Lazy Disciple said...

Thanks, Jackie! I sure will.