Saturday, January 22, 2011

Giving Credit where Credit is Due

The HP and I have been back and forth over President Obama's speech in Arizona.

I have been sidelined with a flu-like bug for several days, and have not responded to the HP's latest on the subject.

First, let me say that I think that to some extent, we are talking at cross purposes: I merely wish to give credit where credit is due, while the HP wants to raise more general questions regarding democracy and the President's fitness to lead the nation.

I think those are legitimate questions.

I do not think they need to be raised in connection with the President's admirable conduct in the face of national tragedy.

Still, they do need to be raised.

So, let this be my final word on the President's speech: well done, Mr. President.

Nevertheless, I will not be voting for him in the next election - unless the GOP decides to run the Prince of Darkness (or Sarah Palin).

Why not?

I'll tell you when I feel better.

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