Thursday, May 06, 2010

Uncommon sense

I've been absent from this page for a while, and I feel in debt at least of a few lines. Just a short thought.

Some conservatives like to describe their preferred characters as endowed of common sense, over against liberals' claim of knowing better because better educated.

Well, if it is put it in such simple terms, I must disagree. It might be true, but to explain why would require a ling discourse, and I wanted to be short.

To this end, the only thing I can do is to overturn that description: things stand the other way around, and it is the reverse to be actually true.

It is liberal education that, dropped all reference to tradition, doesn't have anything to ground itself upon other than the alleged evidences of the common sense of the last three centuries. On the other side, then, there isn't common sense, but genuine education, grounded in the tradition and rationality of millenia.

For now, this paradox is enough.


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brother Joseph, SFO said...

Common sense as opposed to better education: Jesus said, "I ask you to judge what is right?" appealing to common sense (common decency). St. Paul said, "The wisdom of the wise has proved to be foolish and the foolishness of God has proved to be wise". The wise men of the Hebrew Bible tell us,"True appreciation of the nature of God is the beginning of all wisdom". The liberals have thrown God away - have no use for Him - but 'There is a way that seems right to a man but the end of that path is death'. God's Truth (Jesus) is our foundation and the fount of all wisdom - beginning with common sense. Knowledge disconnected from the 'Wisdom of the ages' is a dead end and just plain stupid - since it is short-sighted. Sorry for my ramblings but this issue is an exposed nerve for me! Thanks for sharing and letting me share.