Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Pro-Life Initiative in Connecticut: a Connecticut Catholic defends the weakest and most vulnerable

The name of the organization is CCCF, which stands for Concerned Catholics for Connecticut, & Friends.

The founder is an old family friend, the paterfamilias of a family, which lived around the corner from us when I was growing up.

One of his daughters is Maria, a grade school classmate of mine with a terrifying loveliness about her that I have since learned is typical of Irish daughters, and the peculiar birthright of the youngest of these.

But I digress.

Below is an explanation of the initiative, in the founder's own words:

This is my blog site on Late-Term D&E Abortion of Viable Babies:


The first or second “post” (which means article) lists the headings of the articles I have posted in the past few months.

I keep adding as research progresses, and have to add some more news as soon as I have time.
cccf stands for “concerned Catholics for Connecticut, & Friends”...I include in the “friends” unconcerned Catholics, and all others who are non-Catholics but could be concerned about this infanticide.

My purpose is to try and get someone in Connecticut (or more than one) elected to high office in Washington who would be pro-life for a change: And secondly, to get a movement started to ban Late-Term D&E Abortion of babies post 21-weeks gestation, on the precedent of the Federal Ban Act on Partial Birth Abortion (D&X).

I hope you send this blog site to all your friends.
I hope you readers spread the word about this initiative, and also about the peculiar barbarity of D&E and D&X procedures.

I am firmly convinced that both procedures would be absolutely and without exception illegal, if only more people knew what they are: cutting a fetus into little bits while it is still inside the womb and then vacuuming out the parts (D&E); inducing dilation of the cervix and then deliberately maneuvering the fetus into a footling breech, and then, when everything but the head is out of the uterus, plunging a scissors into its neck, severing the spinal cord, inserting a vacuum into the inside of the head, sucking out the brain and collapsing the skull (D&X).

When Stenberg v. Carhart (opinions at FindLaw) (Wikipedia article) was decided, I remember being appalled by the way in which the five justices of the majority so carefully avoided looking at the basic issue: a state's competence to police the medical profession. "You cannot understand what D&X is," I recall saying out loud, "and then decide that a state legislature is not competent to ban the procedure. If you decide that a state legislature is not competent to ban that procedure, it can only be because there is no police power as such in the state."

Said simply: if a state legislature cannot ban partial birth abortion, it cannot ban anything.

The Federal ban on D&X survived (5-4) a challenge before the SCOTUS (Gonzales v. Carhart) I ought to have pointed this out, myself.

Please, add the cccf blog to your rolls, and maybe even drop the folks there a line showing your support.


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