Thursday, September 03, 2009

Go Vote "No!" to this Silliness

Fr. Zuhlsdorf alerted me to this:

It seems the bishop of Cincinnati has dismissed a woman religious (described, it would seem, inaccurately, as a "nun" - a term for cloistered religious women, if I am not mistaken) from her teaching duties because she refused to renounce her position in favor of the ordination of women, a position that is directly repugnant to the ordinary magisterium of Holy Mother Church, as the Servant of God, John Paul II recently expressed in Ordinatio sacerdotalis.

The Church does not ordain women because the Church cannot ordain women - the Church has not power to do so, because the priesthood is conferred on males of the species, exclusively, by order of Divine positive law. She has not authority, no competence to change the Divine dispositions.

Go vote "no!"


Clayton said...

I wonder what the next poll will be...

Should the Church allow men to bear children?

Lazy Disciple said...