Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cali AG Says Constitutional Amendment Is Unconstitutional

I promise lots of Christmas-y stuff, sacred, solemn, festive, cheerful and everything between, in short order. For now, this absurd tidbit:

Here's the wire story from the AP:

The California attorney general has changed his position on the state's new same-sex marriage
ban and is now urging the state Supreme Court to void Proposition 8.

Jerry Brown filed a brief Friday saying the measure that amended the California Constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman is unconstitutional. He says it deprives
gay couples of a fundamental right.

After California voters passed Proposition 8 on Nov. 4, Brown said he would fight to uphold the initiative in his role as attorney general, even though he personally voted
against it.

He submitted his brief in one of the three legal challenges to Proposition 8 brought by same-sex marriage supporters.

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